CTC Client Code of Conduct

The Career Transitions Center of Chicago seeks to continually maintain “a welcoming place” which ensures trust and respect for all members, staff, faculty, and guests. We are a business office for professionals. In order to maintain our longstanding reputation in the community, we have established this Personal Conduct Policy to specify our expectations. Some statements have to do with personal conduct and integrity; others are about how we present ourselves to the public. Furthermore, all clients, coaches, and staff are expected to respect the confidentiality of the information shared wtih CTC. All of these are important to our organization and to our clients’ success and must be adhered to, respected and honored by each member of The Career Transitions Center of Chicago.

The following is a list of behaviors that will not be tolerated:

  • physically harming others
  • verbally abusing others
  • using profanity
  • using intimidation tactics and/or making threats
  • making malicious or harmful statements about others
  • publicly disclosing another’s private information
  • attending under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • sexual or unwelcome harassment
  • possession of dangerous or unauthorized material such as explosives or firearms

All CTC members are responsible for adhering to the above code of behavior and respect, not only amongst each other, but also toward guest facilitators, speakers, coaches, staff, other CTC guests, etc. Furthermore, if a member has a particular grievance, it is expected that the member first seek a peaceable solution. Public accusations only escalate conflict and contribute to false rumors and gossip. If a member becomes aware of any serious breach in protocol it is that person’s responsibility to come forward to the Center Staff promptly.

Coaching Services
CTC clients are expected to arrive for coaching appointments on time and to provide CTC with 24 hours notice if there is a need to cancel. Clients are to be prepared for coaching sessions and be professional and open to the coaching experience.

Dress Code
CTC maintains a business casual working environment. All clients should use discretion in wearing attire that is appropriate for the office.

Computers are owned by CTC and are provided for the use of CTC’s clients to conduct job search activities only. Computer games, personal software, and personal files may not be downloaded or installed on company equipment. Use of websites related to pornography or intolerance is not acceptable and will result in discipline including termination of membership. CTC equipment shall not be used to store or display images depicting violence, sexually explicit material or racially offensive material. Personal use of CTC’s computers, copiers, fax and telephones in moderation is acceptable. No personal material is to be stored on the computers. Use of the facility is limited to clients who are participating in the CTC prescribed transitions program described in the Client Services Agreement.

Clients may use the Center, the computers and the equipment any day the Center is open, provided there is space available. When space is limited each client is asked to limit their usage to a maximum of 4 hours. Please be considerate in use of the Center and take all of your belongings with you when not using the computer or cubicle as well as cleaning up after yourself when you leave.

Any violations of this Code of Conduct will be reviewed and resolution will be determined at the discretion of its director. The Career Transitions Center of Chicago Executive Director and staff have the prerogative to exclude any person from membership as a consequence of violating the Personal Conduct Policy.

Any questions or comments may be directed to Anita Jenke in person or by calling (312) 906-9908

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