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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® provides research-validated insights to help clients in their search for a rich, fulfilling career. Strong assessment identifies:

  • General Occupational Themes to map broad interest patterns to clients’ personalities and preferred work environments
  • Basic Interest Scales for specific information about areas of interest
  • Occupational Scales relating your interest patterns to those of satisfied workers within various occupations.

$75 Group Workshop

(Offered monthly)

EQi 2.0

with Bo Golovan & Jessica Worny Janicki

The EQi 2.0 is a newly updated Emotional Intelligence assessment that explores your own unique set of emotional and social skills. Participants will:
  • identify examples of behaviors linked to EI competencies from their own career
  • see examples of effective EI in action, and evaluate an upcoming career decision using both cognitive and emotional information.
  • The workshop provides a takeaway career planning tool for how to incorporate EI concepts into their existing career goals.

Free Intro to EQi Session offered bi-monthly
(for CTC Clients & Alumni only)


Developing Your EQi Group Workshop

$80 Client/$135 Non-Client


with Bliss Hansen

StrengthsFinder is a powerful tool for identifying and applying your strengths and talents to your career. CTC's workshop will provide opportunities to:

  • Identify and understand your Top Five Strengths.
  • Strategize in effort to maximize your strengths on your resume, LinkedIn profile and value statement (verbal introduction).
  • Create success stories to support your strengths.

Small Group Intensive
(4.0 hours)


$105 client/$135 Non-Client