Overview of CTC Services For Individuals


One-on-One coaching is described by clients as one of the most valuable CTC services. Clients typically select from our list of experienced coaches for weekly appointments. The discussions help clients understand their individual situations and develop a plan for progress. The coach can provide added incentive by holding the clients accountable for completing their "homework assignments".

Seminars and Workshops

The Calendar of Events offers a wide variety of specialty subjects which can help clients hone their career development skills. A key ingredient is the series of four "Building Skills Workshops" which cover subjects like selecting a career direction, development of a resume, selling yourself in writing or speaking, and harnessing Social Media.

Assessment tools

CTC offers access to three commercial Assessment tools. The extra fee for these tools include workshops to help clients prepare and understand the value of the findings - including expert assistance with a private coach trained in the use of the tool

Peer Group Sessions

Clients can join one of several mediated Peer Group Sessions. They usually meet weekly and can help each client get a better understanding of their own strengths by sharing their plans or problems - and hearing from their peers who have similar issues. The sessions are included in the Calendar of Events

Resource Library

CTC offers a library of selected documents which clients may find valuable when dealing with a specific stumbling block in the job search.

To benefit from the full CTC Experience - clients should give attention to all of these resources. The Client is in charge!

CTC offers help and advice - not direction.