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The Career Transitions Center of Chicago's mission is to empower unemployed professionals to find meaningful employment.

CTC is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization providing professional assistance to individuals in employment transition. 

The Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC) is seeking seasoned professionals as volunteers to help those in job search and career transition. Flexible hours, gratitude and high return on your involvement virtually guaranteed!

You may submit an application at any time. CTC contact you within two weeks.

Process for new coaches:

Initial Steps: the Application

  1. Complete Volunteer Application.
  2. Submit current resume or CV.
  3. Schedule and participate in interview with Executive Director and/or Program Director.


  1. Attend New Client Info Session.
  2. Attend or view webinars for Building Skills #1 & #2 workshops.
  3. Complete two shadow coaching sessions
  4. Final meeting with Program Director- Schedule, Coach profile, photo, review coaching notes instructions.

Workshop Facilitators and Peer Group Leaders

If you are interested in serving as a peer group leader or workshop trainer, please complete the volunteer application and submit to broberts@ctcchicago.org.  You will be contacted by the Program & Coaching Director to schedule a meeting to discuss your proposed program or service as a peer group leader.

We are always looking for profesisonals to assist with:

  • Graphic Design
  • Database Management
  • IT Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Office Support

Download an application form below, fill it in and send it to broberts@ctcchicago.org

Application for a Volunteer position at CTC 


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