Affordable Outplacement Solutions for Your Business

Deciding on a reduction in workforce or business re-alignment can be one of the most difficult processes for an HR Manager or CEO. When you partner with CTC to offer displaced staff our Career Transition Services, you help them recover faster from this organizational decision and you faciliate your own internal changes.

Your displaced staff will have access to all the proven CTC resources we offer to jump start their new career/job direction: personal, one-on-one career coaching, training in the latest career search strategies and skills, peer support and access to broader networks.



"Professionals should consider CTC. I'd put CTC in the top tier of services because they offer it all, at a better rate. They are an ideal resource."

- HR Director of a Small Publishing Company


"The diversity of experience and expertise of the coaches is a huge value."

- Sales Manager at a Manufacturing Firm


To learn more about our OUTPLACEMENT CAREER TRANSITIONS SERVICES, please call Blanche Roberts, Program and Coaching Director at (312) 906-9908 or broberts@ctcchicago.org

Download a one-page flyer describing the reasons for considering CTC Outplacement Services