Corporate Sponsorship 6/27/2018

Corporate Sponsorship

Career Transitions Center (CTC) represents an alignment of academic institutions, faith communities, and businesses concerned with supporting people in their search for meaningful employment and sustainable success. CTC's 501(c)3 status was granted in 1997. CTC has served over 8,000 job seekers since 1997.



  1. Our community depends on employed professionals as a foundation of our economy.
  •          CTC supports individuals who are unemployed or underemployed to realize their professional goals.
  •          CTC is the only non-profit organization focused on serving middle class professionals.
  •          Our proven approach prioritizes individual coaching, peer networking and assessment tools.
  1. Organizations in our community rely on a strong pool of talent to drive their success.
  •          CTC provides critical training to organizations that want to optimize their investment in people.
  •           Our training is provided at an affordable price so that other non-profits can benefit.
  •           Our customized training leverages our pool of coaches.
  1. Our community counts on successfully employed professionals.
  •          Our programs have helped over 80% of our clients over the past three years find jobs.
  •           Many of our alumni serve as coaches and volunteers to help our clients and with other nonprofit organizations.
  •           Our clients are civic leaders, volunteers, parents, mentors.




  1. You are demonstrating your commitment to people and to the community.
  1. You can reach an expanded candidate pool for your job searches.
  •          We will leverage social media and other tools to spread the word about your company’s open positions across our network.
  •          Your talent management team will have a valued partner to use as a referral for non-selected candidates.
  1. You can expand your visibility and thought leadership.
  •         CTC’s well-publicized events provide opportunities for your leaders to speak as experts in a variety of topics.
  •         CTC’s social media strategy will amplify your reach for thought leadership and equity-building activities.


For more information:

Anita C. Jenke
Executive Director
312-906-9908 x401