Explaining the D-P-A model 1/9/2020

A Career development and job search process usually moves through several phases. It may be helpful to recognize the natural order of these phases.

Understanding yourself and crafting your brand
Activities Outcomes
Identify Skills, Values, Interests, Motivators Value statement
Specify a job/career objective Draft of 1st CAR
Research individuals, organizations, communities & jobs Handbill
Create Your Career Potfolio Documents
Activities Outcomes
Engage in informational interviews; get feedback on how you present yourself in person Resume
Insert key words from desired job descriptions into portfolio documents Bio and business cards
Write bio/handbill Enhanced Linkedin profile with recommendations; Follow companies, groups, and individuals
Networking / Interviewing / Negotiation
Activities Outcomes
Ongoing networking and volunteer work, if needed Participate in a Mock Interview
Apply for positions Craft customized cover letters
Manage job interviews Negotiate salary and terms of employment