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Browns Canyon Rafting Trip

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Browns Canyon Rafting Trip

Are you looking for the perfect balance of leisure, beauty and excitement? Do the members of your group all want something different on their white water rafting trip? Well look no further, Good Times Rafting is here to provide you and your group a Colorado rafting experience you will never forget. Come join us in Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River. This beautiful wonder is Colorado’s newest National Monument and for good reason!

Browns Canyon has long been known as the nation’s most popular white water rafting trip. The trip starts out with a mellow 2 mile warm up and quickly picks up the pace as you enter into the canyon. With rapids like Pinball, Zume Flume and Widow Maker you are sure to have an inspiring journey through this pool-and-drop section of Colorado white water.

This trip isn’t only for those looking to have an exciting ride. From the very beginning your guide will take you on a historical journey through this timeless gorge of changes. The geology and historical relevance of the area is absolutely magnificent. As you look around at the mystifying rock formations keep your eyes keen to the wildlife roaming the shoreline. It is not uncommon to see Elk, Big Horn Sheep and Red Tailed Hawks.

The Browns Canyon rafting trip meets at our Buena Vista office at 9:00am and 1:00pm. We offer half-day adventures that put you on the water for 1 ½ – 2 hours depending on the season and water flow. This trip is typically a paddle raft adventure, however, you can request your guide row an oar rig if you feel some of your group members may not want to or may not be able to paddle effectively.

Our best deal company wide is by far the Browns Canyon Full Day trip, which includes a riverside gourmet deli style lunch prepared by your guides. This trip has you on the water for 3-4 hours with a lunch break in the middle. But don’t slip into a food coma because you still have plenty of white water to navigate after lunch.

Meeting time: 9:00am &1:00pm
Meeting Location: Buena Vista office
Season: May 15 – August 15, High Water: Mid June
Class III / IV– Minimum Age: 7

Browns Canyon Full Day – Adult $95 / Child (7-12) $85
Book 9:00 am Full Day Trip!

Brown Canyon Half Day – Adult $60 / Child (7-12) $55
Book 9:00 am Half Day Trip!
Book 2:00 pm Half Day Trip!