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For some people this is a very confusing question. Wearing the wrong clothes on a river trip can make or break your experience. The rivers are very cold in Colorado. Most of them are filled by snowmelt from the high country. The weather is also a huge factor. It can change in an instant from hot and sunny to cold and rainy. So, if you have your own outdoor clothing we can help you figure out what is best. If not, you can always rent the appropriate gear from us. Here’s a list and a few pictures of what to wear and what NOT to wear…


Wear this:
* Synthetic layers that will stay warm when wet*
– Long underwear top and bottom
– Board Shorts or Bathing Suit
– Synthetic T-shirt or long sleeve
– Fleece jacket
– Rain Jackets work as splash jackets on the river
– Wool or Fleece socks (your feet and hands will be the coldest part of your body)
– Old Tennis Shoes or secure sandals
*Its better to bring it and not need it than to need it and not have it*

(Your guide will have a dry bag for extra layers on the boat)


Our guests can rent wetsuits, splash jackets and river shoes for a small fee. It is still recommended to wear a fleece or polypro layer under the splash jacket as it is just a water resistant layer and does not insulate.

Do NOT wear this:
– Cotton T shirts
– Just your birthday suit
– Cotton Sweatshirts and Sweatpants
– Bikini bottoms are NOT recommended
– Flip–Flops and Crocs are NOT recommended
– Expensive jewelry and watches
– Expensive sunglasses
– Especially phones and cameras
This is not the beach, these are snowmelt rivers in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Don’t be that guy….